Type IIEdit

'The Hand phaser has seen alot of changes over the years. From the pistol grip models of the 2200's and the "dustbuster" models of the 2360's, this personel weapon still continues to change and improve. Although the Type 1's are still available today, most personel prefer the new sleeker Type II's for their personal defense.


Type IIIEdit

The Type III phaser rifle has become the backbone of the Starfleet Marine Corp offering both a powerful yet easy to use weapon but also offering its dependability. This weapon has also gone through changes in the years sporting easily adaptable components for specific missions or combat roles.


Compression RifleEdit

Although the Compression Rifle is one of the lesser used rifles within Starfleet, it is still one of the most adaptable. Equipped with a dual firing setting for both pulse and beam fire as well as an interchangable top mounted system pack, this weapon is finding its way back into heavy use with the Starfleet Marines after extensive modification


Isomagnetic DisintegratorEdit


The shoulder cannon of the Marine Corp. The Isomagnetic Disintegrator has proven it's worth time and time again. Capable of punching a hole through both infantry lines and ground armor units, no team should be without one.