U.S.S. America • NCC-99551
Vessel Class: Akira Class
Registry: NCC-99551
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Current Status: Not Active
Commanding Officer Captain Frank Murphy


The Federation Starship The Ship U.S.S. America


The Federation Starship The Ship U.S.S. America


TYPEAkira Class Heavy Cruiser COMMISSIONED 2363 - present UNIT RUN (NCC 62497 U.S.S. Akira) • (NCC 62498 USS Spector) • (NCC 62393 U.S.S. Rabin) (NCC 63549 USS Thunderchild • NCC 72078 USS Evangelion • (NCC 72079 U.S.S. Gundam) (NCC 72080 U.S.S. Starlight • (NCC 76449 USS Charleston)

Plus an addition 644 vessels. 166 have been lost in all. The class remains in service.


LEGNTH: 464.43m BEAM: 316.67m HEIGHT: 87.43m DECKS: 21


500 officers and crew; 4,500 evacuation limit


3 x type XIV phaser arrays, total output 43,800 TeraWatts 13 x pulse-fire quantum torpedo tubes +2,000 torpedoes 2 x standard transphasic torpedo tubes + 500 torpedoes


Standard shield system, total capacity 2,976,500 TerraJoules Standard Duranium/Tritanium double hull 6.3cm ablative armor Standard Level Structural Integrity Field


Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Conference Room Mess Hall, Crew Quarters Environmental Control, Crew Quarters Crew Quarters Sickbay, Transporter Room, Crew Quarters Crew Quarters, Holodecks, Astrometrics, Captain's Quarters, Crew Quarters Cargo Bays, Shuttle Bays Cargo Bays, Science Labs Science Lab, Temporal Science, Transporter Room Science Labs, Deflector Controls Engineering Support Labs Thruster Control, Life Support Deuterium Fuel Storage/Pumps Main Engineering Cargo Bays Brig, Cargo Bays, Maintenance Antimatter Injection Reactors Antimatter Storage Pods Antimatter Storage Pods Antimatter Storage Pods


Beta Fleet: Flag Ranks
Name Post Rank
Frank Murphy Commanding Officer Duty-red
None Executive Officer Red-blank
None Second Officer Red-blank
None Chief Helm Officer Red-blank
None Chief Operations Officer


None Chief Engineering Officer Gold-blank
None Asst. Chief engineering Officer Gold-blank
None Chief Medical Officer Blue Blank
None Chief Science Officer Blue Blank


The Federation Starship The Ship U.S.S. America


The Federation Starship The Ship U.S.S. America