Starfleet Rank Fleet Admiral
Species Klingon
Date Of Birth Stardate: 13165.04
Command Staff Post: Commander In Chief
Commanding Officer U.S.S. Sitting Bull
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14:09, 13 March 2009 (UTC)FltAdmT'oQ===Biographical Data Report=== Name: T'oQ

Rank: Fleet Admiral

Authorization Code: Alpha Omega 007

StarFleet Service No. 1219843151

Department: Command

Position: Commanding Officer USS Sitting Bull

Species: Klingon

Gender: Male

D.O.B: Stardate: 13165.04

Age: 29

Height: Weight: 290

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

'Home Planet: Quo'NoS the Klingon Home World.

Education HistoryEdit

Raised and educated on Vulcan after his parents were murdered in the Kittimer Massacre, VADM. T'oQ found that he had the gift for being a telepath. He stayed on Vulcan until he was 13, on Stardate: 244706.03.

At which point he was taken to the Klingon Home World to learn to be a warrior... It worked. Five years later he graduated on Stardate: 245206.01. He entered StarFleet Academy on Stardate: 245209.01, graduating on Stardate: 246006.10 Magna Cum Laude.


Specializing in Phaser and Photon Torpedo Engineering. As well as Warp Drive Engineering, Trans Warp Drive Engineering, and Android Positronic Systems with an emphasis on Neural Nets. In addition, and out of necessity VADM. T'oQ has become an expert in Borg Tactics.


Black belt in Judo, Akikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Ninjitsu. His "calisthenics" are said to be...



Family HistoryEdit

Father: Captain Drak, Commander of the KDF Bird of Prey, IKS Kr'alor. (Deceased, Killed at Kittimer.)

Mother: LCDR Sha'rak, Weapons Officer IKS Mor'loQ, (Deceased, also killed at Kittmer)

Brother: Maj. Garr MD SFMC Battalion Surgeon, USS Cartier NCC 94093

Adopted Father: T'Kar

Adopted Mother: T'Shonna VADM. T'oQ has lived with his Vulcan adoped parents since the age of three.



Career HistoryEdit

Upon graduation, VADM. T'oQ was posted to the USS Stargazer NCC 2389-E, where he stayed as her Chief Medical Officer for five years. He was then transferred to the USS Crazy Horse RMFV 97142-A, also as her Chief Medical Officer, staying there for three years.

At that point he was transferred to the USS Valiant NCC 98563, where he spent four years. He was then sent to Command School and posted to the USS Quest NCC 786500 which is his current billet at this time. However, VADM. T'oQ has no new decorations at this time.