Beat-Fleet: Be All You Can Be 

Regulation 1 Dash 0

All members well start out at Ensign unless voted on by the Admiralty Board.

Regulation 1 Dash 1

All members are to make logs.

Regulation 1 Dash 2

All members shall spend time in the chat room.

Regulation 1 Dash 3

All members are to follow and order from and officer who out ranks them.

Regulation 1 Dash 4==

All members are to respect everyone and them self’s at all time.

Regulation 1 Dash 5

No members may make a screen name that includes are group name unless it includes Baycb.

Regulation 1 Dash 6

No member will be aloud to open up there own room under the group name

Regulation 1 Dash 7

No member will be promoted above captain with out the Admiralty Board approval.

Regulation 1 Dash 8

No ship’s well be brought into the fleet without a meeting of the Admiralty Board.

Regulation 1 Dash 9

The Admiralty Board consists of the Fleet President, the Commander in Chief of Starfleet, Deputy Commander In Chief and Marine Commandant.

Regulation 2 Dash 0

All Regulations are to be made with the approval of the Admiralty Board.

Regulation 2 Dash 1

The Admiralty Board can remove the Starfleet President from office, if good reason is given and if they all agree and also has the JAG Officer approval.

Regulation 2 Dash 1

No member is to go to any RPG Chat Room and try to get members.

Regulation 2 Dash 2

No members are two play more than Characters.

Regulation 2 Dash 3

It is the Judge Advocate General decision to remove you from the Fleet.

Regulation 2 Dash 4

Miss 3 Sims in a row without contacting and Commanding Officer you will be kick out with out and Court Marshall.

Regulation 2 Dash 5

No Admiralty Board member is to hold any post in another fleet over Fleet Captain.

Regulation 2 Dash 6

Any member is to break these Regulation’s will be Court Marshaled.

Regulation 2 Dash 7

All Commanding Officer are to set and example for Cadets and lower ranking officers.

Regulation 2 Dash 8

If any member feels that any member is not doing there job or abusing there rank and or position they will inform JAG.

Regulation 2 Dash 9

Promotion’s will be given every 3 weeks unless reached the highest rank in that Officers Career.

Regulation 3 Dash 0

An Awards Ceremony well be held every month.

Regulation 3 Dash 1

The Fleet Pesident will only be in Office for 2 Years.