Quark doing a deal

Quark, one of the most influential of modern Ferengi thanks to his location at Deep Space Nine when the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, owns Quark's Bar on DS9's Promenade, but hates being called a "barkeep," preferring "host" instead as he fancies himself an empathetic dispenser of advice as well as a goodwill ambassador and legitimate entrepreneur extrordinaire. He also caters formal affairs for the Starfleet crew and named a new souffle creation after Kai Winn when the Bajor-Cardassian peace treaty was signed. In reality, he has the reputation of getting anything for a price — with the help of a network of sources who also help him keep a hand in most illegal or illicit trade and deals going on around the station. He has even tried to force sex by contract from the unwitting Dabo girls who work for him; an employee's error is made up from garnished pay. When Odo calls him "disgusting," he proudly boasts: "Til the day I die!" and says lying is a gift. But he does sometimes show remorse out of guilt for even his own actions, and relishes the thrill of gambling, even in business; otherwise, he has said, the trade comes off as simple bartering.