Miles O'Brien

Starfleet Rank Chief petty officer, Senior chief Specialist
Species Human
Planet Earth,Killarney, Ireland, Earth
Affiliation Federation
Gender Male
Portrayed Colm Meaney

Starfleet Career Summary

2345 ? Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

2346 ? Enlisted as a non-commissioned officer in Starfleet.

2347 ? As young crewman posted to NCC-57295 U.S.S. Rutledge under Capt. Ben Maxwell, was decorated after clash with Cardassians on Setlik III and re-assigned by Maxwell as a bridge tactical officer.

2364 ? After serving on two more ships in the last two years, transferred to new U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Jean-Luc Picard as relief flight control officer in command duty division and later as security in operations division.

2365 ? Re-assigned at chief petty officer rank to Enterprise transporter chief, usually posted in Transporter Room 3.

2369 ? Accepted offer as chief of operations at Deep Space Nine, onetime Cardassian mining station, under Cmdr. Ben Sisko.

2370 ? Helped eliminate "Harvester" weapon in T'Lani system, then falsely reported as dead. Abducted in Paradan system while arranging security measures for peace talks; replaced by replicant-assassin until rescued by Paradan rebels. Implicated by Cardassian government in Maquis arms-running activity, but cleared when conspiracy to frame him and discredit Federation was exposed.

2371 ? Averted destruction of DS9 and wormhole by Romulans during radiation-induced time-shifting condition (died during the incident, but was replaced by a "near-future" duplicate of self).

2372 ? Held by Argrathi government on charges of espionage and implanted with artificial memories of 20 years' imprisonment, causing severe emotional trauma, leading to temporary suspension of duty by Capt. Sisko.

2373 ? Helped to expose Changeling infiltrator in Klingon High Council. Travelled back in time to 2267 to help prevent timeline contamination by Arne Darvin. Deployed minefield at wormhole that effectively prevented further Dominion reinforcements from entering Alpha Quadrant. (NOTE: By mid-2373, had been decorated at least 16 times for over 238 career engagements.)

2374 ? Served aboard Defiant during several months on front line of Dominion war. Participated in capture of Jem'Hadar vessel. Returned to DS9 as Chief of Operations when Federation retook station. Recruited by Starfleet Intelligence to infiltrate Orion Syndicate on Farius Prime, learning of joint Dominion/Syndicate plan to assassinate Klingon ambassador to Farius. Served aboard Defiant during Chin'toka offensive.