Bajoran Militia Rank Colonel
Species Bajoran
Planet Dahkur Province, Bajor
Affiliation Bajoran Militia
Gender Male
Portrayed Nana Visitor
Beta kira

First Post

Though Kira has always possessed the tactical and strategic skills to do her job exceptionally well, it is in interpersonal communication, self-assurance, and finding the imagination extinguished by a refugee's atrophied childhood where she has grown the most since this officer first encountered her in 2369. Having lived on the edge of life and death for so long, Kira's emotions are always close to the surface and they can be unusually strong: love, grief and anger being the most prevalent. She has also slowly come to grips with both the violence of her past actions and her strong anti-Cardassian disposition.

Young Kira Nerys faced the same terrifying and brutal life faced by many of her Bajoran brethren: her father, a farmer or gardener by trade, was killed fighting in the resistance while her mother, an icon painter, died of malnutrition in the Singha Refugee Camp when Nerys was 3. She had at least two brothers and apparently no sisters; all they had to play in the camp growing up was Bajoran springball, but she had some crafts such as finger-painting at age 4 in the camp school. Having forsworn any artistic aptitude, she ironically would have been a member of the artist J'barra of Ih'valla, had the ancient Bajoran caste system survived the Occupation.

At the age of only 12, after working in the mines, the orphaned Kira was recruited by Lorit Akrem into the province's Shakaar resistance cell, named for its leader. A year later, after running errands and cleaning weapons, the group finally accepted her fully when Shakaar approved her replacing a missing member for a raid on a Cardassian skimmer. The earring she wears today was made from the metal of the skimmer by cellmate Lupaza, after Kira killed the entire unloading complement while giddily trying to impress the group.