Bashir, Julian
Starfleet Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Planet Earth
Affiliation Federation
Gender Male
Portrayed Alexander Siddig

Starfleet Career SummaryEdit

2369 ? With brevet rank of lieutenant junior grade, assigned as CMO to Deep Space Nine under Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko.

2371 ? Nominated for UFP Medical Council's Carrington Award for work on biomolecular replication (youngest nominee in history of award).

2372 ? Promoted to lieutenant. Unsuccessfully attempted to cure ketracel-white addiction in Jem'Hadar.

2373 ? Abducted by Dominion and held captive on Jem'Hadar internment camp in Gamma Quadrant for over a month while Changeling impersonated him; escaped in time to prevent imposter from completing mission of destruction. Illegal genetic status discovered by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, but allowed to retain Starfleet commission in father's plea bargain arrangement with Rear Admiral Bennett, Judge Advocate General.

2374 ? Served as CMO aboard Defiant during several months on front line of Dominion war; returned to DS9 when Federation retook station. Reported being approached by "Section 31" operative for recruitment, but declined invitation. (Note: Starfleet does not acknowledge the existence of any organization designated "Section 31.")

2375 ? Attended medical conference on Romulus and became involved in certain internal affairs, with the effect of ensuring the Romulans' continued participation in Alliance (details only available to those with security clearance level 10 or higher). Developed cure for so-called "Founders' Disease," which played a part in surrender of Dominion and prevented extinction of Changeling race.