Jadzia Dax
Farrell2 s
Starfleet Rank Lt. Commander
Species Trill
Planet Trill
Affiliation Federation
Gender Female
Portrayed Terry Farrell

Starfleet Career SummaryEdit

The eighth eventual Trill host of the symbiont Dax is the discoverer of the Bajoran wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, which catapulted the area into the galactic hotseat. The perspective of seven previous lifetimes has left her with an extremely broad view of life which surprisingly skews to the unpredictable and even mischievous rather than the staid and conservative, while symbiosis itself at times has proved to be problematic in her off-world career.

Jadzia has two parents and one sister, all still alive by 2372. Although she was not above breaking windows at night as a crack shot with rocks when younger, the quiet, shy and naive young woman had worked hard since childhood to qualify for the Trill hosting program and received academic degrees in exobiology, zoology, astrophysics and exo-archaeology at Starfleet Academy, although at the time of her DS9 posting at age 28 as a lieutenant she had never served on a starship.

In 2367 at age 26, Jadzia made history as the only rejected Trill initiate to return successfully and pass the program. She had spent three years in all as an initiate and hardly ever left its complex; she didn't receive basic flight experience certification of Level 3 until her last year of training.

Ironically, after acceptance she chose the Dax symbiont previously hosted by Curzon, her harsh field docent. He had rejected her in the first place after only two weeks of field training as unmotivated and unfocused — an act which dogged Jadzia for years, despite her success; she had studied his infamous record and was already nauseated with the pressure, crying herself to sleep each night until she was dropped. It was only later, after she redoubled her efforts and passed the training with his approval, that she learned he had really rejected her only out of misplaced guilt due to his sexual attraction to the attractive young woman. The Joining was completed as Curzon neared the end of a slow, lingering death in mid-year.

Such a turbulent relationship with the previous host of the symbiont she now carries has haunted Jadzia, who has found herself in a love-hate relationship with his legacy that at times has bordered on sheer competiion. In addition, due to her off-world posting, Dax has probably endured more conflict due to symbiosis than the typical Joined Trill.

Accused of Curzon's alleged murder of Klaestron IV's General Tandro by the general's zealous son, she had preferred a death sentence rather than expose Tandro's role as a rebel collaborator and Curzon's affair with his wife, both eventually revealed. In 2370 she supervised her own first initiate trainee, Arjin, only three years younger than she, and came to grips with some suppressed bitterness about Curzon's treatment of her. Curzon figured again weeks later when she swore to uphold a blood oath of his on an unauthorized quest with Klingons Kor, Kang and Koloth that could have cost her life, much less her Starfleet career.