Galaxy Class Federation Starship
USS Resurrection
Vessel Class: Galaxy Class

The Galaxy class is a fictional class of starship in the science fiction franchise Star Trek. The most notable Galaxy-class starship is the USS Enterprise-D, the primary setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry stated that only six Galaxy-class starships had been constructed,[1] and the USS Yamato is the only other Galaxy-class vessel to appear in The Next Generation. Several additional Galaxy-class ships appear in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


Design and construction of the Galaxy-class began in the 2340s, with the first ships being commissioned in the 2360s.[2] According to dialog in the Next Generation episodes "11001001"[3] and "Booby Trap"[4], designers of the USS Enterprise-D included Orfil Quinteros and Leah Brahms.[1]

The ship's design features a saucer section connected via a vertical pylon to the stardrive section. Affixed to the rear of the stardrive section are two pylons, and atop each is a warp nacelle.

Known Galaxy-class starshipsEdit

U.S.S. Resurrection