Bajorans are humanoid in form and function with the exception of a ridged nose. Slight deviations from Terran human physiology can be discerned through different reactions to body change. During pregnancy Bajoran females do not nauseate instead they react by sneezing. Bajoran fetuses are also irremovable due to the high degree of vascularization in the placental/uterine interface. Society and Religion Bajoran culture flourished for 500,000 years. In time, the Bajorans became a race of master artisans, architects, and scholars whose lives are centered on their faith. Their deeply religious culture honors the 'Prophets' who guide the Bajorans. They believe in guidance from the prophecies revealed to ancient religious men much in the same way as the Greeks believed in Delphi Oracles. Within the religious texts of Bajoran faith, safe passage through the Bajoran wormhole is seen as the blessing of the Prophets who reside within in the Celestial Temple.



Prophets The Prophets are the central figures of the Bajoran faith, transcendent entities who exist in a non-linear time frame. Bajoran faith believes the Prophets to be the embodiment of truth, who reveals their wisdom through visions given by the Orbs. The Prophets are also the ones who replenish the life force of Bajorans, the 'Pagh' that allows existence. Orbs; Approximately 10,000 years ago. The first Orb, with eight others to follow, appeared in the skies of Bajor. Taken as a gift from the Prophets to endow their followers with wisdom and insight, the Orbs were traditionally housed in sacred shrines at temples and monasteries around Bajor. Each Orb has a different function. After the Occupation, only one from the original nine Orbs remained. Through the years, three have been recovered and are currently in the hands of the Bajoran people. The four Orbs are: The Ninth Orb: Green energy form. It places the user into a vivid distant memory. The Third Orb: Blue energy form. It is also known as the Orb of Prophesy and Change. It presents the user with a surrealist projection of the future, open to interpretation but usually correct in some way.

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The Orb of Wisdom: Pink energy form. Grand Nagus Zek was responsible for the restoration of this Orb to Bajorans in 2371. It forces overseen knowledge into the user's attention. The Orb of Time: Purple energy form. It can transfer users back or forwards in time